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Kill the Hero and Middle Aged Charlie Brown

Gosh, I didn’t realize it’s been so long since I did the blog thing. I’m at the Voices workshop for writers of color in San Francisco.  It’s been slow going this time around. People are kind of quiet and stick to themselves.  This will probably be my last time around. Maybe.  Side note: San Francisco is effing weird.  I’ve been walking around Haight street and I’m not exactly in awe of the grunge and drug paraphernalia mainly because all the liquor available is beer and wine.  I’m so depressed. 

Oh, in the actual workshop, we’ve been going over some basics.  Let me get my notes and summarize the lectures…Here we go.

Day 1 – What you intend to create in a story is not always what you end up with, and that is OK. Even though you may intend to make a perfect circle, you may end up with Charlie Brown’s head that is a little droopy from age and damaged expectations.

Day 2 – If you have a literary hero, you have to slay them. Until you read your master’s work and identify the flaws, you’ll always copy those errors. Find the imperfections in author’s you think are great in order to overcome their limitations and your own.

So far things are going OK. Dude played a song during his lecture. I’m still not sure how I feel about that.


VONA 2010

Hey, it looks like I’ll be in San Francisco this June at the Voices of Our Nation workshop with Mat Johnson.  I haven’t been to VONA since 2007, but it was a great experience.  The community of writers is so unique and all kinds of awesome.