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    • RT @ladylumps83: I will record my story Taboo for Bound Off audio mag today. Must rest vocals :) Is there a Grammy for this kind of thing? 7 years ago
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    • RT @ladylumps83: The Madrone in sf hit the spot. Five shots n amarg no prob. Wish i couldve stayed longer bye vona! 7 years ago
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This Blog is Dead.

Wow, no posts for half a year? I’m killing my blog right now. Today I’m mired in failure and self loathing. Time to go be a monk and raise vegetables. The writer hand is broken. Oh, if I change my mind and happen to remember my password perhaps a resurrection will come upon this blog. If not, peace out!


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  1. Oh yes, the life of the professional-level creative is a rollercoaster for sure. Highest highs and lowest lows, sometimes 5 minutes apart. But please don’t abandon us earnestly learning fellow writers!

    Loved your piece in Devil’s Lake, Fall 2011.

    Peace in, writing out. (I remind myself.) 😉

    • Thank you so much. Smiles. The blogging world is maybe too big for me. Learning as a writer is the only hope I have. One day I may know what I’m doing. I will definitely check out your site. Thanks again!

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