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The Oily Pelican Cocktail!! Yummo

My body has been invaded by invisible creatures that seek the utter collapse of my lungs and nasal cavities for their wicked, wicked adventures.  That said I’m consuming cable news programs at a higher than normal rate.  PBS just tried to sell me a $60 coffee mug.  Not-for-profit my ass.  It wasn’t even the most awesome coffee mug.  I’d pay $60 for an awesome coffee mug, if the purchase was prefaced with consumption of a bottle of NyQuil.  But a mediocre coffee mug? At least try people. 

Oh, the cable news.  Well, on the Rachel Maddow Show there was mention of booze.  My attention she had.  Turns out there is a town in the Gulf of Mexico that is has a bar selling jello shooters called Tar Balls.  Gasp from wonder and disgust is appropriate. 

The recipe is as follows:

1.5 cups of smoking hot water

1.5 packets of grape jello

4 oz. of jagermeister (not my fav)

mix and pour into little plastic cups, cap, and chill

Now, this makes me think that all controversial potentially catastrophic events in recent history need to be solidified, ramified, petrified, sorry it’s the cold medicine.  Oh, these events all need to be commemorated with cocktails.  So here are a few suggestions:

Illegal Immigration gets two drinks:

1. Amnesty

2 oz. of tequila

2 oz. of triple sec

a splash of corona

2. Show Me Your Papers

Mix Amnesty with a little rubbing alcohol.

To honor the gulf crude spill how about this:

-The Oily Pelican

1 cup apple juice

2 oz. motor oil



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  1. Whoever invented jello shots clearly gets robbed every year when the Nobel prizes come and go. tragedy.

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