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Quantum Physics and Wild Wild Sex

See I’m writing this story called “String Theory” at the moment.  I haven’t actually written more than two pages, but I’ve thought about it a great deal and read some books.  String theory is an element of quantum physics that I’m not at all remotely in my most imaginative fantasies qualified to talk about.  Still, let me explain it as best I can in preparation for converting this into a story with characters and emotional significance and junk. 

The universe as we know it is best understood through Einstein’s theory of relativity.  This theory deals with everything very, very big like the stars and planets and gravity and you and me and that guy over there and his sinister looking parakeet.  Quantum theory on the other hand deals with everything very, very small like atoms and the things even smaller than atoms like protons, neutrons, and electrons and the things even smaller than that, which we will (if our technology continues to have the limits it does) never ever see.  The problem with these two theories is they don’t make sense with one another.  The math is ugly and clumsy and doesn’t gel.  It’s like trying to get some ethereal deity to live in the world of primates.  An angel and a gorilla can’t quite stay in the same room let alone have a meaningful conversation.  The equations of relativity don’t work with the equations of quantum mechanics because the results keep adding up to infinity, not just infinity by itself but infinity plus itself times itself.  So while these infinities are banging away at each other no clarity and understanding of the universe can be known unless there is something more finite at the ends of each theory. 

Now, I mentioned those very small things like protons and neutrons, and there is believed to be something billions of times smaller inside called quarks, and inside quarks there is thought to be something that is the smallest point of matter that happens to not be a point at all but a vibrating loop of energy called a string.  If a string is the actual smallest of the small then the problem of infinity is somewhat resolved.  The angel and the gorilla can have a baby called the universe as we know it.  Here’s the rub.  The shape of the loops or strings can, gasp, be infinite.  So in some way the theory collapses again.  OK, this isn’t really about wild sex at all, but if you kept reading for that reason, congratulations.  You think like I do.  Good luck with life because you probably need it.


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  1. I was totally reading for the sex

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