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When Giant Lesbian Potatoes Attack!!

A few days ago I finished reading a collection of comic strip episodes by Alison Bechdel called “The Essential Dykes to Watch Out For”.  Not too many years ago I read the acclaimed graphic novel by Bechdel, “Fun Home,” which lived up to the promise of the title.  The episodes in the Essential follow the characters, a rambunctious overly political bunch of lesbians (as if there are any other kind), through the past twenty-five years.  The book doubles as an illustration/how to guide for raunchy girl on girl sex and political world history, at least it started off that way.  During the latter years all the angst and zeal are muted by a rather bleak perspective on the relationships between the characters and the general hope for a prosperous the world.  The characters have significantly less sex and the world looks significantly less jovial.  Is that what it means to grow up? If so, that Toys R Us theme song from a couple of decades back comes to mind.  Everything looks rather bleak these days.  Is it really the lack of money everyone has or is it something else?  Oh, but the book isn’t entirely a justification for prozac usage.  There are wine-sputteringly funny moments including the nightmare one of the heroines has involving, yes, a giant lesbian potato (as if there are any other kind). More of that is what the world needs right now.  More random blissful absurdity just for the heluvit.  I’m over the stock market and the tea parties and the terrorism and the volcanos.  I want more giant lesbian potato humor in my day!  Now.


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  1. Toys R Us song from “a couple decades ago?” Wow. I didn’t realize that song was that old. I remember it was still the main marketing tool in Toys R Us commercials when I was a youngster in the late 90’s and early 2000’s (which means I’m old and washed up now, at the tender age of 22 no less). Of course, if I remember the song from when I was, say, 8 or 9, then it’s already nearly 15 years old, so, yeah, i’m getting old.

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