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Debbie Downer?

On more than one occasion I have been referred to as a “Debbie Downer,” the SNL ferry captain to the land of gray clouds and random reminders of Malaria, skin cancer, puppy mills, and manatee extinctions.  I haughtily resent that association.  The conversation I had via txt messages with my oldest brother yesterday reminded me of this label.

Don: Hey, D (my nephew) just found out hes gon b perm stationed in san diego. He’s happy 🙂

Me: That’s a good gig 🙂 I’m glad for him.

Don: Yep. D’s new nickname is GOLDEN KING LUCKY BUTTER

Me: Lmao, sounds like a Chinese food menu item

Don: It describes him to a t

Me: Yup 🙂 let him enjoy it before the world chews off his head and his soul passes through the anal rim of failure and missed opportunities.

Don: OMG I am forwarding that one!!

Me: Ha well it happens to us all.

Don: Yep unfortunately. Hey we swimming in dooky we just keep pushing each other to the top for air.

Me: Lol sick. When I said it there was less nasty involved.

Don: I just want to be clean!!!

Me: Goodluck. Some people are just made like dung beetles. Crap is life. Make it move it eat it accept it.

Don: We are sorry to inform you that you have failed the suicidal hotline employment test.

Me: Lmao! I so would fail that test.

Don: For you every watermelon not sweet all clouds rain piss if I thought like that I would have wrapped my lips around a shotgun barrel long ago lmao!

Me: I’m a realist fool! I notice postitive things but I don’t sit around living in happy fantasyland like some while random people garnish my checks. Your life isn’t the crappiest though. That lizard I shot with the bb gun earlier had a worst day than yours I’m sure.

Don: OMG you shot the lizard nice and toshay guacalote mujer toshay lol

Me: Did you call me a turkey woman?


The conversation took an even deeper emotional dive after that.  As a writer, failure is imminent.  Rejection happens blah blah blah.  I’m not supposed to live in denial of the crap storms that hit, and I dont’ think I relish them either.   So there.


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