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Yes We Can Do Better!

I’ve never been one for protests, but I think I will have to show up to one of these.  I do know a few people who are protest whores.  They just love home-made signs and t-shirts that have slant rhymes and alliterations.   Usually, I feel the cause, but don’t feel like getting off the couch.  This time, I’m so annoyed I may have to leave the sterile bubble that is my home and enter the muck pit of the world to say we can do better than this.  This law is weak and unnecessary when confronting the real issue of illegal immigration in this country.

Migrants from Mexico have been known to pay $2000 dollars to smugglers to enter this country only to be caught by the feds and sent back.  Why not have the U.S. charge $1500 for a temporary guest worker pass that does not equate citizenship but does equate legal residency status for a while?  The pass can even be renewed annually.  This is money in the bag and will help diminish the criminal incentives that take advantage of desperate people. 

OMG, don’t get me started on Tuscon banning ethnic studies classes.  The reason supposedly something like the classes encourage division and segregation.  The reality is there is a lot to learn about the world and ethnicities are not fake arbitrary concepts.  There are multiple cultures that exist and should be acknowledged.  There isn’t enough time to do it all in one big giant humanities course.  What this really says to me is that the history of “other” ethnicities can be relegated to footnotes as was once the case.  I wonder what the east asian studies or african american literature professors are going to do now over there?  Move.  Is that what is happening in regions of our country, a not so subtle ethnic cleansing?  Hmmm.

I’m venting, yes, but only to say we aren’t all delusional and afraid of the twenty-first century in Arizona.  I’m not hankering for the good ol’ days of antebellum south like some (yes you Virginia).  I just don’t want to see another dark age hit our country by acquiescing to the lunacy.


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