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My first post!

Well, I have this philosophy about life as a writer.  Writers have to do three things to really BE writers: 1. Drink 2. Have affairs. and 3. Own luxury boats.  Numbers two and three have proven to be quite elusive, but I am diligently working on number one. 

That said, this blog is probably going to mention actual books (read in full or in parts as I do), but this blog is definitely going to discuss the willful alcoholism that is necessary to succeed and/or survive in the pursuit of a literary career.  In addition to cocktail recipes and poorly constructed book reviews, there will be the risk of embarrassment among my peers and family.  Yay!  Fortunately, if they find this weird journal like a hair in the virtual soup of the blogosphere, I am immune to humiliation thanks to number 1. on the writer’s criteria for life mentioned above.

There is a negative to this though.  Laziness is both my ally against physical exertion and my foe in everything else.  I have started blogs before and they died from neglect like so many house plants.  Wish me luck on battling the sloth within.  She is ferocious and cunning.   

Coming soon my margarita recipe.  It’s called the VenitaRita!  Named after me !  That’s me.  I may read something soon too, no guarantees.


5 Responses

  1. Hi Venita–Love your site, and was pleased to have you comment on ours! Can’t wait to try the VenitaRita… Your link to Bill and Dave’s doesn’t work–maybe cuz there’s a typo in the spelling? I don’t know… We don’t quite have our links up and running yet but will get you on there… All yours in Maine, Bill

  2. (Jeff btw) So first I was going to say something about how drinking’s an underrated aspect of being a writer but then I clicked on the tiny picture to see what the books were. And of course I saw two of of my FBOATs (Favorite Book of All Time). The first is One Hundred Years. And the second should be pretty clear considering my reaction in class anytime his name was mentioned (I think “pure bliss” crossed with “mild heart-attack” about sums it up).

    • Hey Jeff! I definitely know which book tickled you so thoroughly 🙂 Consider the term FBOAT officially stolen for private usage. What else have you been reading these days? I’m always looking.

  3. Nothing contemporary, I’m afraid. I’ve been feasting on Thomas Pynchon’s novels. William H. Gass’s essays, and Jacques Derrida’s, well, let’s call it philosophy. I read C.D. Payne’s “Youth in Revolt” somewhere in there (the book that the recent movie was made from). It’s hilarious if repetitive. It’s also the quickest 500 pages ever.

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